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About Us

The Global Examiner is a grassroots based news and entertainment source for the entrepreneur, main street worker and all in-between. The Global Examiner is a grant funded entity of A. D. James Corporation. We are an independent publisher of news and information from all sources; international, politics, business, finance, science, and technology. What we produce will be the ultimate in culture and diversity, our primary purpose is to provide a voice to the voiceless; and stand clear of over censoring the reality of the news.

Our goals:

  • to inform its audience about global news through our online and mobile platforms as accurately and consistently as possible.
  • provide journalist the opportunity to spread the news without constraint. Offering freelancers, the opportunity and space to share news, opinions, articles, videos, and photos with meaning, honest and transparent reporting.
  • uphold ethical journalistic principles, enhancing skills as writers, editors, and broadcasters.
  • do something different, something that everyday people can enjoy and to which they can relate, The Global Examiner wants to produce the best radio programs that we can, providing platforms for interns and all media enthusiast to learn the business.
  • interview politicians, entrepreneurs, community leaders and small business leaders/owners is what we are after. We will draw our musical playlists from a diverse range of artists, including mainstream performers and indie bands and singers of whom many people may not have heard yet.

Combining all this into one all our news sources on to one platform, we aim to encourage our subscribers to develop more eclectic tastes and to become more rounded individuals.

We are working to keep you informed.

5 Points of Promise

  1. The Global Examiner is a model of news, information and programming fulfilling the needs that other media neglect, providing news and programming to diverse communities, undervalued and underdeveloped groups.
  2. The Global Examiner provides a permanent platform to the unsung and passed over activists, artists, athletes, creators, leaders and entrepreneurs hidden in the jungle of mainstream media.”
  3. The Global Examiner values peace, justice, democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression and social progress.
  4. The Global Examiner covers a wide spectrum of expression from traditional to experimental and reflect the diverse cultures we serve.
  5. The Global Examiner strives for uniformity and spontaneity and excellence in content, programming, and technique.
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